Asparagus the White Gold

Freshly cut asparagus in a box in the field

Limburg, land of asparagus

Asparagus is a regional product of which Limburg is extremely proud. This vegetable was already eaten about 5000 years ago in Egypt. Since the 1950s, asparagus in the Netherlands has been grown mainly in Limburg. They are also known as 'Queen of Vegetables', 'White Gold' and 'Pearl of the Land'. Asparagus is not only tasty, it is also very healthy and low in calories.

Points d'amour

Asparagus is packed with vitamins and minerals and is therefore super healthy. But did you know that asparagus is an aphrodisiac? Because of its invigorating characteristics, the white stems were also called Points d'amour at the French court...

Asparagus weekend or midweek in Limburg

Do you want to get away for a weekend or midweek? Come to Limburg during the asparagus season and take full advantage of our asparagus packages. Discover the land of asparagus by bike, on foot or by car. Everywhere in Limburg you can see the asparagus beds and the fruit trees which are blooming beautifully this time of year. Try the delicious taste of this delicacy in one of the many fine restaurants in Limburg. Discover, taste and experience the real 'Queen of the Vegetables' in Limburg!

Asparagus packages

Sign which says 'daily fresh asparagus'

Culinary delicacy

Asparagus is being served in Limburg from early April to 24 June (the name day of St. Jan). During the asparagus season, many restaurants serve their own culinary version of this delicacy from Limburg. But even if you don't like asparagus, you've come to the right place for fine dining. Check out our overview of restaurants in Limburg where you can enjoy those beautiful white stems and other delicious meals.

Restaurants in Limburg

Asparagus soup being served

Asparagus cycling routes

Various asparagus routes have been set out throughout Limburg where you can cycle along various asparagus fields. You can recognize the fields by the special stripe pattern of raised soil where the asparagus are harvested early in the morning. During the asparagus season you can buy fresh asparagus at various places along the routes at the characteristic stalls. This way you can also enjoy these delicious vegetables at home. The ideal end to a wonderful spring day.

Asparagus cycling routes

Asparagus vendors alongside the road

Asparagus farm shops and points of sale

There are not only sales points where you can buy fresh asparagus, but the vegetable is also available at many farm shops in Limburg. Here you can buy real Limburg asparagus during the asparagus season from April to the end of June. Tip: rub the white stems together and if you hear a squeaking sound, you know the asparagus is fresh!

Farm shops and points of sale

Crates of asparagus for sale